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In Conversation

In Conversation | Ecosystem-Led Growth


It's not everyday we get to sit down with someone who quite literally "wrote the book" on a topic. But today, we can say that as we recently sat down with Bob Moore, co-founder and CEO of Crossbeam and author of the bestselling book, Ecosystem-Led Growth.

For all of our sales and marketing professionals, if you have been interested in learning how Ecosystem-Led Growth (ELG) can help your business grow — this podcast episode is for you. Tune in to our conversation with Bob as we cover topics such as where the idea of ecosystem-led growth came from, whether it will replace current go-to-market strategies, and how ELG works to create a system of quality AND quantity.

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Bob Moore's Website:

Buy Ecosystem-Led Growth:

Learn more about Crossbeam:

00:00 - Introduction

06:43 - Where did the term ecosystem-led growth come from?

11:57 - Unpacking why ecosystem-led growth efforts are GTM efforts

15:41 - Do you expect ELG to replace a collection of marketing/sales strategies that already exist?

20:16 - Would you have been able to identify the need for ELG had you not founded your two previous businesses?

25:42 - How ecosystem-led growth creates a world of quality AND quantity.

29:21 - Why would people not use ecosystem-led growth methods?

32:43 - Crossbeam Branding Highlights

35:20 - Where to learn more about Ecosystem-Led Growth and Crossbeam

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