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Exclusive: Heliux Comes Out of Stealth With $2M In Funding

Heliux, a startup building an AI-powered enterprise operating system, is emerging from stealth today with the announcement of its first $2M funding round. Founder Alex Craig said working with product management software for 10+ years gave him a clear view of the problems plaguing existing systems, including a clunky business model that included third-party resellers and a fragmented system that relied on multiple systems not designed to work together. Heliux is his bid to address those challenges.

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Doppel Raises $14M Series A to Protect Brands and Organizations

Built by two former Uber software engineers, Kevin Tian and Rahul Madduluri, Doppel is building a next-generation approach for detecting and removing these kinds of threats, focused around automation and AI. Led by Andreessen Horowitz, Doppel has raised a $14M Series A to continue protecting brands and organizations from external threats, including impersonation, phishing, disinformation, and counterfeiting campaigns at scale.

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Speakeasy is using AI to automate API creation and distribution

Just about every developer wants to create APIs to help other companies connect to their services more easily, but creating and documenting an API is a time-consuming process. Speakeasy, an early-stage startup, wants to make that an easier and more automated set of activities. Today, the company emerged from stealth with a $7.6 million seed investment.

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Atlanta startup Illoominus secures funding to help corporate DEI goals

Atlanta startup Illoominus picked up $500,000 in pre-seed funding to help it move toward its goal of “lighting the way to a measurably inclusive workplace."

Illoominus developed a human resources platform designed to allow companies to evaluate how they are doing on high-priority goals such as employee experience and diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Glyphic AI Raises $5.5m Pre-Seed to Build AI Copilot Reinventing How Sales Teams Work

Glyphic AI announced today that it raised $5.5m to build an AI copilot that assists sales teams in analyzing customer interactions and providing strategic insights into sales pipelines.

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Illoominus Is Empowering Companies to Achieve Diversity Commitments

Noelle London is the CEO and Founder of Illoominus, which helps companies proactively manage their diversity commitments and retain and grow diverse employees into leadership positions.

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Lookback Launches Integration With Respondent

This new integration allows researchers to track participant activity on Lookback within the Respondent dashboard. The integration will support usability testing, task analysis, and concept/prototype feedback.

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Doppel Is Helping Some of the Biggest NFT Projects Spot Scams

Doppel, a startup founded in 2022 by ex-Uber engineers Kevin Tian and Rahul Madduluri, just nabbed $5 million in seed funding led by crypto exchange FTX’s venture capital arm to track down counterfeit digital assets.

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Bitwise Receives Distinction as a Workhuman Certified Enterprise

The Workhuman Certified Enterprise status distinguishes organizations that are committed to investing in and demonstrating progress towards making work more human, providing an environment where all humans are valued and can do their best work. Truly progressive companies stand out against the competition, appealing to and retaining top talent.

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