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p o t e n t i a l .

Created within Focus Lab, Odi serves the unique demands of early-stage companies.

We believe in the power of branding to help early-stage companies make waves in their category, win with their customers, and fundraise with confidence.

Odi Culture 2

Core Values

  1. 01
    Own the Work

    We do more than work a project when it comes to us—we treat it like it’s our own. We’re fierce stewards, caretakers, and advocates of the products and services in our fold, eager to own our stake in them and compelled to act on their behalf. But our sense of ownership extends beyond project work to everything we do. We thrive in an environment of self-driven team members who are empowered to act decisively, infusing our culture with personal accountability and authority.

  2. 02
    All Over Ego

    We’re an open-minded, one-for-all crew who knows we hit the high notes when everyone has a voice. So our work is the result of both individual effort and meaningful collaboration, guided by our deep admiration for each other and our company. You won’t find us working in a silo for personal gain. Instead, we balance taking care of ourselves with taking care of the team.

  3. 03
    Lead with Courage

    Go ahead, challenge us. We don’t get tripped up when the unfamiliar, the complex, or the downright tricky roll around—we lean in. To us, unknowns are invitations, and challenges, opportunities. We welcome the chance to learn, grow, and engage openly with our clients and team, even when it’s hard.

  4. 04
    Assume the Best

    Our default setting is to always believe the best about the people we work with. That goes for both client and team interactions, from the smallest bit of feedback to the biggest ask. When a problem pops up, we address it mindfully, with thoughtful questions and a listening ear. We let communication, curiosity, and positivity be our guides, rather than quick assumptions and reactions.

  5. 05
    Strive for Excellence

    We love a high bar, so we keep setting them. The goal is excellence in all things—from the most mundane to the most critical of decisions, whether the work involved goes unseen or is shouted from the rooftops. We’re devoted to our craft, so we give it everything we’ve got every time, stopping only when we’re confident that we’ve got it just right.

  6. 06
    Empathy in Action

    We not only welcome multiple perspectives, we actively seek to understand them. When the chance to be present to people’s thoughts and feelings arrives, we show up. And we do so with an earnest desire to meet them where they are, from a place of openness and humility.

Odi jordankatz

WOW! We are in love with this!! This is out of the park and we are so appreciative for your incredible partnership and dedication to our complex brand objectives. We couldn’t have imagined a better outcome.

Jordan Katz
Co-founder & CEO, Comulate
We’d love to hear about your brand and business challenges, even if you’re not sure what your next step is. No pitch, no strings attached.