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The Debrief

Nori Rebrand


In honor of Earth Day and with a very timely rebrand, we have Senior Marketing Manager at Nori, Heidi Sloane, on the show to discuss their experience partnering with us on their new identity.

For context, Nori is on a mission to scale the carbon removal industry, with the ultimate goal of reversing climate change. With a fully-integrated approach to creating, managing and selling verified carbon removals they seek to simplify a complicated market while increasing transparency, trust, efficiency, and impact.

Tune is as Heidi and Bill discuss how Nori knew they were ready to elevate their brand, the biggest challenges and rewards of the project, and a few hidden gems of the Odi process that ended up being a pleasant surprise.

Check out the full case study:

00:00 - Intro

04:25 - How did you know it was time to invest in brand?

10:10 - What were you looking for in a rebrand partner?

13:23 - What was the most challenging part of the rebrand?

18:00 - The rewards and ROI of the Nori rebrand

21:50 - Odi Process Highlights: SMIT (Single Most Important Thing) and Brand Attributes

27:45 - What advice do you have for someone approaching a rebrand?

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