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The Debrief

The Debrief: Heliux Rebrand


Another Odi episode of the Debrief is here! Odi is a B2B brand agency built from the team at Focus Lab specifically to serve early-stage startups. Today's guest, co-founder and CEO of Heliux Alex Craig, discusses why he felt brand was important in the pre-seed stage, his understandable fears, and his advice for other early stage founders considering their brand needs.

Check out more of our work with Heliux here.

0:00 - Intro
3:10 - How did you know it was time to invest in brand?
7:40 - What were you looking for in an agency partner?
10:25 - What was the most challenging part of the rebrand for you?
16:15 - What was the most rewarding part of the brand project?
23:09 - What has your new brand allowed you to do that you couldn't before?
25:42 - What advice do you have for a fellow founder considering investing in brand?

We’d love to hear about your brand and business challenges, even if you’re not sure what your next step is. No pitch, no strings attached.