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When you’re bringing an AI-powered, all-in-one enterprise operating system to the engineering and manufacturing communities, your brand identity really has to show up.

Heliux provides the software that centralizes cross-functional teams, operations, and data into a single system of record for these critical fields. Their offering powers the companies who make rockets and satellites and robotics and clean energy solutions—the kinds of things that directly impact humanity. And yet, the software they used to support that work hadn’t seen innovation in decades. The tech was legacy and outdated. Enter Heliux.

For Odi, the goal was to telegraph Heliux’s next-generation solution through its brand look and feel. We wanted a refreshed identity that would empower customers and attract talent; something as mission critical and exciting as the problems Heliux (and its customers) solve.

Heliux Previous Identity

Brand Evaluation

Heli­ux serves ear­ly-stage, mid-mar­ket, and enter­prise hard­ware engi­neer­ing and man­u­fac­tur­ing com­pa­nies in the aero­space and defense, auto­mo­tive, and deep tech­nol­o­gy fields. To reach them, Odi knew it was impor­tant for Heli­ux to have an icon­ic logo­mark. After review­ing the com­pet­i­tive land­scape, we deter­mined there was room for one. We also rec­om­mend­ed a cohe­sive and rel­e­vant visu­al lan­guage sys­tem, as well as a unique pri­ma­ry typeface. 

To pull things togeth­er, we cre­at­ed brand attrib­ut­es that would get to the core of who Heli­ux is and what they do: Essen­tial, because Heli­ux is essen­tial to the core oper­a­tions of their cus­tomers. Trans­for­ma­tive, because Heli­ux is trans­form­ing an indus­try that has not seen true inno­va­tion in decades. And Uni­fied, because Heli­ux pro­vides an all-in-one solu­tion that uni­fies the soft­ware expe­ri­ence and the peo­ple using it. No one else in the com­pet­i­tive land­scape could claim these three attributes. 

Our sin­gle most impor­tant idea for Heli­ux? Next-gen inno­va­tion, naturally. 

Heliux Attributes
Heliux General Mockup


Odi land­ed on a pow­er­house sym­bol for Heli­ux called Solara. Inspired by dis­rup­tive next-gen tech, space trav­el, and Helios — Heliux’s name­sake and Greek god of the sun — Solara is focused yet expan­sive. Bold. Deter­mined. Mis­sion-ori­ent­ed. And when paired with our pre­ferred logo­type in all of its time­less sophis­ti­ca­tion, the two take a strong and cohe­sive stance.

Heliux Logo Refinement Exploration
Heliux Logomark
Heliux Logo Mockup
Heliux Final Logo

Visual Identity

Odi chose Solar Flare red as the stand­out col­or in Heliux’s pri­ma­ry palette. Bal­anced by Obsid­i­an and Tita­ni­um, this red match­es the ener­gy of the logo. 

The rest of the visu­al lan­guage sys­tem fol­lowed suit, includ­ing a pri­ma­ry type­face that’s a stun­ning, hyper­ge­o­met­ric sans serif and feels nos­tal­gic and futur­is­tic at the same time. Bold and exper­i­men­tal pho­tog­ra­phy. Shape lan­guage that makes use of the shapes found in Solara. Line lan­guage that pro­vides a tech­ni­cal and refined graph­ic style to materials. 

Togeth­er, these ele­ments con­vey the right bal­ance of inno­va­tion, pre­ci­sion, and sim­plic­i­ty for Heliux. 

Heliux Big Brand Guidelines Grid
Heliux Color Palette
Heliux Primary Typeface
Heliux Secondary Typeface
Heliux typestack2
Heliux Trim
Heliux Mockup
Heliux Photo
Heliux Mockup 2
Heliux Mockup 3
Heliux Mockup 5
Heliux Mockup 1
Heliux Mockup 10
Heliux Mockup 4
Heliux Mockup 7
Heliux Mockup 9
Heliux Mockup 8
Heliux Mockup 11
It's been awesome working with this new brand, feeling proud of it. Being excited about the energy you can feel it with that; the color tones, with the abstract design. It's just energy and focus. And, it represents who we are.
Alex Craig, co-founder + CEO, Heliux
Heliux Mockup 6
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